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Supermarkets in Guardamar

When going on holiday anywhere - it's usually handy to know where you can get your food and drink shopping - well thankfully, you can be rest assured, that when taking a holiday in Guardamar, there's plenty of supermarkets in Guardamar to choose from - more details below.

The words for supermarket in Spanish are supermercado, hipermercado or mercado.

Don't forget that you can get also some excellent food at the local street market in Guardamar - for more details on the market, just click here: market in Guardamar

Please note: The opening times below are only a guide - and please remember that, unless stated otherwise, most of the supermarkets in Guardamar are usually not open on Sundays, fiestas or other public holidays.

Details of supermarkets in Guardamar:

Name of supermarket - Lidl

Address of supermarket - Calle MediterrĂ¡neo

Opening times - Mondays to Saturdays 09.30 - 21.00

Name of supermarket - Mercadona

Address of supermarket - Calle MediterrĂ¡neo, 14

Opening times - Mondays to Saturdays 09.30 - 21.00

Name of supermarket - MasyMas

Address of supermarket - Del Puerto Road

Opening times - Mondays to Saturdays 09.30-21.00
                         Sundays 10-2

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