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Guardamar, on the sunny Costa Blanca in Spain, is an excellent place to have a holiday in the sunshine, and on this page, questions and answers relating to tourist information for Guardamar town can be entered, free of charge.

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When's the Moors and Christians parade in Guardamar this year?
Q. "What is the date for the moors and Christians parades this year please?
Susan, Guardamar, Costa Blanca, Spain."

A. "Hi Susan, the Moors and Christians parade in Guardamar for 2017 is on Saturday 22nd July. It starts at 3pm. :)
Jenny, Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain."

3 Kings parade in Guardamar?
Q. "Anyone know the details for next years three kings parade in Guardamar please?
Steve and Kim, Preston, Lancashire, England."

A. "Hola Steve and Kim, in Guardamar, the Three Kings parade for next year begins at 19:00 (on the 5th of January). If you get there early enough you should be able to stand anywhere along the main shopping street in Guardamar (if you have your back to the sea you should be positioned to the left of the town hall square). The parade will come along the main shopping street (from the Mercadona end) and end up at the church that's in front of the town hall. Have a great evening!
Sue, Christchurch, Dorset, England."

Any English speaking doctors in Guardamar?
Q. "Hi, my wife and I are planning our holiday to Guardamar, could you tell us where the local doctor is, and will they speak English?
Alan and Sue, Wakefield, West Yorks, England."

A. "Hi ya, the medical centre in Guardamar is on a road called Calle Molivent. This is the road that runs along the back of town, and is the same one as the bus station is on. Will they speak English? Well this will depend upon which one you get, but most of them know the basic medical words in English, but I would also recommend taking a phrase book with you!
Steve, Hitchin, Herts, England."

Any football on the Costa Blanca or any football in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, I'll be staying for a few months with my parents who are renting an apartment in Guardamar, and love playing football.  Anyone know if there's any non-serious, (just a competitive game!), English-speaking football teams on the Costa Blanca or specifically, any English-speaking football teams in Guardamar ?
I'm 27 and usually play football in England 1-2 times a week, so am keen to keep playing.
Any help appreciated.
Paul, Chelmsford, Essex, England."

A. "Hello Paul, I used to live on the Costa Blanca, in the Torrevieja area, (from 2002-2004), and played every week in an English speaking football team excellently organised by a bloke called Doug. Even though I'm now back in England, I still keep in occasional contact with him and know that he still organises the football every week. His setup is that there's about 14 blokes in total and he splits them up into equal 7 a side teams for a good match every week, plus he organises football matches against visiting football teams from England through the year and on top of that, he also arranges social events during the year for the footballers and their families. He's a good bloke who always puts in a heck of a lot of work in the background for no financial reward, always doing his utmost to ensure everything goes good for the footballers.  He has his own way of getting rid of footballers who are unreliable or lazy on the pitch, but the other players, including me, really appreciated the way he did it, as it then made it better for the rest of us!! A good bonus, is that they play on top quality astro turf as well.
I had to move back to England because of family problems, but if I was going back to Spain, (the country I love by the way), one of the first things I would do, is call Doug, to join his team as soon as possible.
Give Doug a call on (0034) 628 789 335.
Steve, Ashford, Kent, England."

Any golf in Guardamar ?
Q. "Never been to Guardamar before, and am going to Guardamar on holiday next year and am a golf fanatic. Are there any golf courses in Guardamar, or any golf clubs in Guardamar please ?
Any help appreciated.
Tony, Portsmouth, Hants, England."

A. "Hi Tony, there's no actual golf courses in Guardamar, or in fact any golf clubs in Guardamar at all, but as a golf fanatic myself as well, I generally go to the golf course on the outskirts of Guardamar, at La Marquesa, it's only about 10 minutes drive from Guardamar town.  I always stay at one of the holiday apartments in Guardamar, so that I've got the fantastic beach just a couple of minutes walk from the apartment, and all the bars and restaurants just a few minutes walk as well, but to satisfy my craving for golf, it's just a short drive. Perfect!!!
Also, you'll find more information on the golf courses on the Costa Blanca, including the La Marquesa, plus details for a very friendly golf society, called the Guardamar Golf Society, on the following link - golf courses on the Costa Blanca
Hope this helps.
Mark, Bolton, Lancashire, England."

Any gyms in Guardamar del Segura please ?
Q.  "Does anyone know if there's a gym in Guardamar as I've been told there is not. If not, does anyone know where the nearest gym to Guardamar is please?
Thank you.
Sarah, Bath, Avon, England."

A.  "Hello Sarah, Not sure what type of gym you're looking for, but every year when I go back to Guardamar on holiday, I go to the sports centre in Guardamar called Palau San Jaume.  It's fairly basic, but suits my needs.  It's one road back from the Guardamar seafront, you can see it on the bottom of the map, on the bottom of this page Map of Guardamar.
It's difficult to park close to the Sports centre in August, but no problems the rest of the year, (my favourite time of the year in Gaurdamar for excellent weather, is the beginning of October to the end of November).
Hope you enjoy it, perhaps you can let us know what you think of the gym after you've tried it.
Luke, Middleton, Leeds, England."

Any good tapas restaurants in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Can anyone tell me of any good tapas restaurants in Guardamar, or perhaps near to Guardamar.
Many thanks.
Nicky, Dartford, Kent England."

A.  "Hello Nicky, my favourite every time for good tapas restaurants in Guardamar, is La Bocaita, more details for La Bocaita are on the following link Restaurants in Guardamar.
There's also a good steak restaurant in Guardamar, that is also on that page, called La Caballeria, which is also brilliant.
Let us know what you think of them if you can.
Eddie and June, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex, England."

Any public swimming pools in Guardamar del Segura ?
Q. "Hi, I am going to guardemar in august and wanted to know if there was a public pool and what it's like.
Paul, Cramlington, Newcastle, England."

A. "Hello Paul, You don't say whether you're looking for an outdoor swimming pool, or indoor pool, but as the beach in Guardamar is so good, (one of the best in Spain), there's not many swimming pools in Guardamar, however, I do know that there's 2 very good public pools, which are part of the Guardamar sports centre, one is an outdoor pool, which is right next to the sports centre entrance, and there's an indoor swimming pool, if you had your back to the beach, it's just behind the sports centre. The sports centre is called Palau San Jaume. Just click once on the link below, and look in the centre and at the bottom of the map :
Street map for Guardamar.
Hope you have a great holiday, we've been to most places in the world, and Guardamar is our favourite.
Tony and Jean, Guildford, Surrey, England."

Any scuba diving in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, my family and I will be visiting Guardamar on holiday in August and am looking for a scuba diving centre in Guardamar. Any suggestions please?
Martin, Surbiton, Surrey, England."

A. "I've heard that scuba diving lessons are available at Marina de las Dunas in Guardamar, which is at the mouth of the Segura River (near to the main port area). Their telephone number is 0034 965 971 938.
Jay, Crudgington, Telford, England."

Any tennis courts in Guardamar ?
Q. "Are there any tennis courts in Guardamar? Do you have to book in advance? and are there any tennis clubs locally?
Many thanks.
Sandra, Austrey, Warwickshire, England."

A. "The Guardamar sports centre has some tennis courts and you can book these for rental 2 days in advance. The sports centre is on the sea front, towards the north end of Guardamar and just down from the big park (Reina Sofia).
There's a bit more information for tennis in Guardamar, on the following link - Tennis in Guardamar."
Alicia, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, England."

Apartment recommendations in Guardamar ?
Q. "Please help, I am looking for a 1/2 bed apartment to rent for 1 week in may in Guardamar preferable with a pool.
In easy walking distance to restaurants, bars and the beach could anyone please advise me of which areas I should look at.
as I have never stayed in Guardamar before.
Many Thanks
Michael, Hapton, Lancashire, England."

A. "Hello Michael, we've always used the company you see on one of the links on the side menus and have always been very pleased.
Carol, Shirland, Derbyshire, England."

Bars and restaurants in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Hi, I'm coming to Guardamar next March for a few days golfing. Can anyone tell me if there's many bars and restaurants open at this time of year ?
Jimmy, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and wear, England."

A.  "Hi Jimmy, In the many, many years I've been spending holidays in Guardamar, the time of year has always been March/April as the weather at that time of year is brilliant, but have only ever seen a handful of bars or restaurants closed.  The majority of them will be open, in fact, I've been to all of the bars and restaurants that you see on the bars and restaurants pages on this website at spring-time and all of them have been open.
Hope this helps and perhaps you can post here after you've got back from Guardamar, to let us know how you got on.
All the best.
Jill, Purley, Surrey, England."

Bringing children to Guardamar ?
Q. "Hello, We are a family of 4 and will be having a holiday in Guardamar for two weeks next summer. Our oldest will be 11 and youngest 6. Our Spanish is zero at the moment but will try to learn some basics. My question is how easy will it be to eat out in Guardamar and do the bars and restaurants in Guardamar cater for young children.
Many thanks in advance.
Andy, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England."

A. "I have always taken my family to the Costa Blanca on holiday because, not only do they have wonderful beaches and great weather, but they love children, whatever the age. I have been to several different areas of the Costa Blanca but wish I had discovered Guardamar sooner, as, to us, it is ideal for a family holiday. It's a Spanish town, but the locals are more than use to us Brits and all of the menus that I've seen have an English translation, although it means a lot to them if you try with a few basic Spanish words too. Happy Holidays!
The Harris Family, Runcorn, Cheshire, England"

Bus times for Guardamar ?
Q.  "Hi, we would appreciate any information regarding bus times to and from Guardamar if possible please.
John and Ali, Brandesburton, East Yorkshire, England."

A.  "Hello John and Ali, not sure where you are going to or coming from in respect of Guardamar, but if you're going by bus from Alicante to Guardamar, for example, take a look at the following link - Bus times for Guardamar - it's the website page that I always use for my holidays in Guardamar.
Best wishes and hope you enjoy your holiday in Guardamar. We'd never go anywhere else for our holidays now..
Helen, Longthorpe, Peterborough, England."

Christmas celebrations in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi there, we are going to be spending Christmas and New Year in Guardamar and wondered if there are any fiestas before January 5th?
Karen, Southampton, Hampshire, England."

A. "Hi, there are three official national fiestas in December; December the 6th Día de la Constitución España (the day of the Spanish constitution which is very important in the history of Spain), December the 8th Inmaculada Concepción (the religious celebration of the immaculate conception), and December 25th Natividad del Señor (Christmas Day). (When I was in Guardamar last winter, it was warm enough for sunbathing!!)  If I were you I'd keep an eye on the fiestas page of this website cos there's lots of useful info and it's normally updated with what's going on, nearer the time. Happy holidays!
Julie, Hasfield, Gloucester, England."

Christmas in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, could anyone give any information on things to do in Guardamar. My wife and I are spending xmas there and were wondering what the bars and restaurants were like and if many of them would be open or not.
Des, Wallasey, Merseyside, England."

A. "I was in Guardamar last Christmas and it was warm enough to spend the day on the beach! The English and Irish bars and restaurants were open and had a really jolly atmosphere during the festive period.
Sue, Otley, West Yorkshire, England."

Discos and bars in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Hi, we are having a holiday in Guardamar next year and we have two teenage kids of 16 and 17 and my daughters friend of who is 17. Are there lots of bars and discos they can go to in the evenings to keep them amused?
Trevor and Louise - (worried parents), Harrogate, North Yorks, England."

A.  "Hello Trevor and Louise.  From our experience of taking holidays in Guardamar over many years, we've seen lots of excellent bars in Guardamar, but (thankfully), no discos in Guardamar itself, but from memory, I think there's one on the outskirts of Guardamar, roughly between the Oriental Wok restaurant on the big roundabout by the exit on the N332 at the Alicante end of Guardamar and the bus station.
Tim and Kate - (lovers of Guardamar), Weymouth, Dorset, England."

A.  "Hi Trevor and Louise.  Yes, there's 2 discos in Guardamar, but they are on the outskirts of Guardamar, on the industrial estate. The one next to the N332.
Hope this helps.
Frank and Margaret, Blackburn, Lancashire, England."

A.  "There's an abundance of bars in Guardamar and also a few discos. The difference between disco's and night clubs is the price for drinks will be cheaper in the disco's. Nightclubs are far more expensive and tend to be frequented by working girls (ladies of the night) which is fairly common in Spain. A good street for bars is Avinguda dels Pins alongside Parc Reina Sofia, it has many tapas style bars and a sports bar. All of which are very friendly.
Jimmy, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England."

Easter holiday in Guardamar del Segura ?
Q. "Usually spend time in Guardamar del Segura on holiday, but not normally in the school holidays. This year visiting during Easter, would like to know what is closed, i.e. supermarkets, restaurants, etc., If the street market, Sunday Lemon tree market is open, and based on previous years what weather to expect please?
Joy, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England."

A. "In my opinion, the weather can be variable at the beginning of April. In general, it's warm and dry, but it's also a time for April showers, so bring a umbrella. Having said that, the further into April you go the more the weather becomes more like the equivalent to a British summer! With a strong Catholic history, the Spanish take Easter seriously and if it is a holiday day (for example Good Friday) then, in general, everything is shut. You will, normally, find the British and Irish bars and restaurants operating as normal. However, there is no prior notice for the opening days for the market, so I can only assume that they won't be one on Easter Day. I would imagine that this website will publish more information when it's available.
Kelly, Swindon, Wilts, England."

Festivals and processions in Guardamar ?
.  "Hi, We are coming to Gaurdamar on holiday in Easter. Can anyone tell us when and where the festivals in Gaurdamar are please ?  Also the processions in Gaurdamar as well please ?
Frank and Margaret, Blackburn, Lancashire, England."

A.  "Hello Frank and Margaret.  We do envy you, as we can't get to Guardamar on holiday, until May next year ;-(
Anyway, The fiestas in Gaurdamar page on this website is usually quite accurate - on the link below :
Fiestas in Guardamar.
Have a great holiday in Guardamar - one of our favourite places for a holiday on the Costa Blanca.
John and Sue, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England."

How do you get to Los Tusales beach in Guardamar ?
Q.  "What is the safest way (on foot or bicycle) to reach the Los Tusales beach on the other side of the river, from the town of Guardamar please?
Any ideas appreciated.
Tony, Plymouth, Devon, England."

A.  "Hi Tony, to get to Los Tusales beach from Guardamar town, you need to go onto the N332 (it's the main coastal road that takes you up and down the Costa Blanca), heading north from Guardamar and once you've gone over the river of Guardamar, (Rio del Segura), take one of the public roads off to your right, that leads down to Los Tusales beach.
Jayne, Retford, Nottingham, England."

Is Guardamar suitable for a 2 month break for a retired couple ?
Q. "We have just retired and looking for a 1 or 2 month break in May and June, plus, possibly later in September. Want somewhere not too expensive, with a Spanish feel, and 2 bed place to stay, with all modern utilities. Would Guardamar be OK for this please ?
Eileen, Bolton, Lancs, England."

A. "Hello Eileen, Just seen your enquiry above and thought I would just say, that myself and my husband have been retired for 9 years and because we love Spain so much, we immediately started taking holidays in Spain twice a year for a couple of months each time. Having explored all of Spain before, we knew that Guardamar was the only place we wanted to be. It's absolutely perfect in every way. Guardamar has one of the best beaches in Spain, plus, the bars, shops, restaurants and street markets are open all-year round. We've been at all different times of the year, and it's been great every time.
The other brilliant thing, is that the restaurants in Guardamar, cater for every taste, Spanish, English, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, German etc, etc.
For the last 5 years, we've just booked with the company you see on the menus to the side of this page, they've always given us excellent properties, which are always reasonably priced and always fully equipped, with all modern utilities and English Satellite TV, with all the English TV channels you have in the UK.
Hope this helps.
Jill, Cannock, Staffordshire, England."

Markets in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Are there 2 markets in Guardamar ?  If so, where are they please ?
Thank you.
Kim, Enfield, Middlesex, England."

A.  "Hi Kim, when I was in Guardamar on holiday  a few weeks ago, I went to 3 markets in Guardamar.  There's one behind the Church square every Wednesday morning, one on the side of the N332 at Guardamar every Sunday morning, and a market most nights, along the road by the north part of the Reina Sofia park - the road that goes from the Church square to the sea.
More details for the markets in Guardamar, are on the link below :
Markets in Guardamar.
Hope this helps.
Sue, Oakwood, Derby, England."

Moors and Christians fiestas in Guardamar ?
Q. "Can anyone please give me the dates for the moors and Christians festivals in Guardmar ?
Nigel, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England."

A.  "Hi Nigel, That's an easy one - have you looked on the page on this website for fiestas in Guardamar.
It usually gives quite accurate information.
Hope this helps.
Tim, Corby, Northants, England."

Moors and Christians Fiestas in Guardamar.?
Q. "Does anyone know anything about the Moors and Christians festival in Guardamar? Thanks
Julie, Crudgington, Telford, England"

A. "Take a look at the fiestas page on this website as this will tell you everything that you need to know about holidays and fiestas in Guardamar.
All the best.
Tracy, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England"

Moors and Christians parades in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, Please could someone tell me when the Moors and Christian parades are on in 2009 as we want to book flights a.s.a.p. to cover that weekend?
We know the fiesta is somewhere around the last 2 weeks in July but don't know the exact date?
Susan, Norwich, Norfolk, England."

A. "Hello Susan, The Moors and Cristians festival is celebrated in Guardamar from the 17th of July till the 26th of July 2009, (the 25th of July is also the day of the patron saint of Guardamar (Saint James)). Hope this helps.
Jenny, Stockport, Cheshire, England."

A. "The dates for the Moors and Christians fiestas in Guardamar in 2009 are 17th to 26th of July.
Kind regards
Sandy, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England."

New Year in Guardamar ?
Q. "My parents (60's) and my partner and I (30's) are staying just outside Guardamar from boxing day to 2nd of January. Just wondered if anyone had suggestions of things to do and how much is open at that time of year.
Suggestions for New Years eve itself would be useful (although it looks from this site as though we should be in the town square!!).
Leanne, Hitchin, Herts, England."

A. "My partner and I travel to Guardamar at every possible opportunity, especially in the winter, so that we can escape the UK freeze!  From our experience Guardamar is a fantastic place for a holiday, but it is still a 'working' town and so, on the whole, it doesn't close for the winter. Most of the English and Irish bars celebrate New Year in the traditional manner, but you are right, that to get the best atmosphere you should head for the town square just before midnight. In the way of things to do, apart from relaxing and taking advantage of the winter sunshine, I definitely recommend the sales!
Jonathan, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England"

Parks in Guardamar ?
Q.  "I've recently been told by a friend whose just got back from a holiday rental in Guardamar, that there's some excellent parks to visit while there on holiday.  Unfortunately, she didn't know the names of the roads that the parks were in, so wondered if anyone knows the details for them please?
Gill, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England."

A.  "Hi Gill, There's 3 parks in Guardamar del Segura; Parque Reina Sofia, Parque Alfonso X111, and Parque Sur.

* Parque Reina Sofia is quite a large park, probably about 800 acres, and has an open-air stage, a large playground catering for all ages of children, a duck-pond (so bring your bread!), you will also see other animals including peacocks and squirrels either in or just by the duck-pond!  There's also lots of walking paths and areas shaded by the many various types of trees, including pine trees.  Parque Reina Sofia is easily seen on the left on the following map Maps For Guardamar

* Parque Alfonso XIII is a natural park, which was made as a result of the planting of pines in the early 20th century, in a successful attempt to prevent the sand dunes from covering the town. The resulting pine forest now provides Guardamar with many excellent natural recreation areas, offering shaded walkways and picnic areas.
The Dunas de Guardamar del Segura forms part of the Parque Alfonso XIII.
Parque Alfonso XIII, again, is easily seen on the right on the following map Maps For Guardamar

* Parque Sur is in 2 parts and is the smallest of the 3 parques. This parque is undergoing some drastic landscaping at present, which should be finished by 2008. Parque Sur isn't listed on the maps for Guardamar page, but one section of the Parque Sur is on the corner of Avenida Cervantes and Avenida de las Americas. The other section of Parque Sur is on the corner of Avenida Cervantes and Avenida Peru.

In case it helps, the Spanish for parks is parques.

I've tried to give as many details as possible for the parks in Guardamar, but if you need to know anything else about them, just let us know, via this noticeboard.

Hope this helps and hope you have a great holiday in Guardamar, we go there every year for our holidays although we always spend our winter holidays in Guardamar, which is brilliant, during the day-time in winter in Guardamar, you can usually see temperatures matching the same as a 'good' summers day in England!!  We would never go anywhere else""
Jayne, Luton, Bedfordshire, England."

Plaza Porticada in Guardamar ?
Q.  "I'll be staying in one of the rental apartments in Guardamar in a few months time with my husband and from what I've been told, it's more or less right in the middle of Guardamar, in the Plaza Porticada, but we usually stay in one of the property rentals by the marina at Guardamar and wondered if anyone could give any good tips on some good bars and/or restaurants within walking distance of the Plaza Porticada please ?
Joanne, Thurlstone, Sheffield, England."

A.  "Hi Joanne, You'll be spoilt for choice there, that's for sure. You'll get lots of good restaurants and bars in Guardamar within just a few minutes walk from the Plaza Porticada in any direction.  One of our favourites, whenever we go back to Guardamar on holiday is the brilliant La Cabelleria steak house restaurant for excellent steaks, just walk a a couple of minutes from the Plaza Porticada to the beach, then slightly to the right and it's the road before you get to the beach.
Perhaps other people looking at this page may be able to recommend other good bars and/or restaurants in Guardamar as well.
All the best.
Tony, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, England."

Running events in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Hi, I'm in Guardarmar on holiday for the first time this coming August and would like to know if there's any running races in the area or if anyone knows how I can find out please?
Phil, Guildford, Surrey, England."

A.  "Hi Phil, when I was in Guardamar on holiday last year, I noticed that there was a sports centre in Guardamar, just by the north part of the beach.  The sports centre is called Palau San Jaume, and is on the bottom of the map for Guardamar, on the following link Street map for Guardamar
As it's the only sports centre in Guardamar, they will probably be able to help you.
Have a great holiday in Guardamar.
Steve, West Byfleet, Surrey, England."

Sunday bus times to Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, I am visiting Guardamar for the first time in August and was wondering if there are any Sunday bus services from Alicante to Guardamar? I have looked on the bus information on this website but am unable to find anything about Sunday services.
Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
Simon, Carlisle, Cumbria, England."

A.  "Hi Simon, I picked up a bus timetable when I was on holiday in Guardamar in June. It says that the bus leaves Alicante at 07.00, 09.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30 and 20.00.  Leaving from Guardamar to Alicante the times are as follows - 09.05, 11.05, 13.10, 14.05, 16.00, 17.30, 20.05 and 22.00.
The journey takes approximately 45 minutes and these times apply every day including Sundays and fiestas as well.
Jeanette, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England."

Taxis in Guardamar ?
Q.  "We wondered if there were any taxis in Guardamar as we do not want to hire a car on holiday.
Shaun, Egremont, Cumbria, England."

A.  "Hi Shaun, when we were in Guardamar on holiday last year, we saw a taxi rank just alongside the main Church square.
Hope this helps.
Keith, Carole and kids, Grays, Essex, England."

What is the nearest golf course to Guardamar del Segura ?
Q. "I'll be staying in one of the holiday properties in Guardamar del Segura next spring and love playing golf, can anyone please let me know any details for the nearest golf course to Guardamar del Segura please ?
Alan, Barnsley, North Yorks, England."

A. "Hi Alan, The nearest golf course to Guardamar del Segura is the La Marquesa Golf Course in Ciudad Quesada.

The golf and country club "La Marquesa" is situated in the urbanization Ciudad Quesada, which is part of the district of Rojales, the golf course there is very well integrated in the general plan of the urbanization using its different natural levels to make a game more complicated for the player. It's located in a flat valley in between the mountains, and sheltered by its own unique microclimate, I go there quite a lot when I'm in Guardamar on holiday, the La Marquesa golf and country club is only about 5 minutes drive from Guardamar del Segura.

It has an 18-hole course that is quite comfortable without excess difficulties, with altering long and short holes, also, the greens are not too distant from the tee-offs and so make this course uncomplicated and easy to complete. There's no tiered greens or complicated layouts on this broad, flat, spacious course, which makes it easy for players of any age and just the thing for avoiding strenuous physical effort.

The La Marquesa golf course is quite easy for intermediate players with lots of manageable holes that are not excessively demanding. To complete a round without getting into trouble the requirements of tougher holes have to be met while benefiting from the easier holes to keep the score up.

Golf and Country Club La Marquesa
Avda. Justo Quesada
Urb. Ciudad Quesada
03170 Rojales, Alicante
Telephone +34 966 714 258, or +34 966 714 182

The La Marquesa golf course is probably about 4km from Guardamar del Segura. It's a fairly good golf course, which is 18 hole par 72 courses.

There's also quite a few golf societies on the Costa Blanca, and some are quite close to Guardamar, that could perhaps give some extra information on the golf, more details on the link below :
Golf courses on the Costa Blanca
Hope this helps.
Jeff, Long Eaton, Nottingham, England."

What's open in Guardamar over Christmas ?
Q.  "We are coming out to Guardamar on Christmas Eve and going back on New Years Day. This is the first time that we have ever been out over Christmas.
Are the supermarkets open on Christmas Eve so that we can stock up for Christmas day and if so what are they're opening hours.
Also, will all restaurants/bars be open on Christmas Eve too? What opens restaurant/bar wise on Christmas Day please?
Many thanks.
Paul, Leicester, Leicestershire, England."

A. "Hi Paul, My wife and I spent Christmas in Guardamar a couple of years ago. It was a very peaceful Christmas: a long way from the hustle and bustle of the UK high streets! From memory, the shops were open on Christmas Eve, but closed a bit earlier than normal, I think that the supermarkets shut at about 5pm ish. Christmas Eve evening is when the Spanish families have their Christmas dinner, so you'll not find Spanish restaurants or bars open. However, there are a fair few British bars around, who will be open to see in Christmas with the typical British merriment! Christmas Day is one of the National Holidays in Spain, so apart from the odd local café, it will just be the British bars and restaurants (and may be a Chinese restaurant as well) that will be open for business. Most of these normally do the set Christmas dinner thing and often need pre booking, but it's worth enquiring when you get there and they may be able to fit a couple more in I guess.
Have a good time!
Chris, Clifton, Nottingham, England."

Wheelchair hire in Guardamar ?
Q.  "Just wondering what the help for the disabled is like in Guardamar. Can anyone please let me know if it's possible to hire a wheelchair in Guardamar.
Many thanks
Roger, Norwich, Norfolk, England."

A.  "Hello Roger, There's a place called Ortopedia Guardamar, which is on the main road that goes though Guardamar, (towards the end nearest to La Mata). The address is Avenida Pais Valenciano, 121 and their telephone number is (0034) 966 72 55 21 or mobile (0034) 649 78 45 90.
Suzie, Windsor, Berkshire, England."

Where is Avenida Cervantes in Guardamar please ?
Q. "Anyone know where the Avda Cervantes is in Guardamar please ?  I'm hiring a holiday apartment in Guardamar and the apartment is in Avenida Cervantes.
If it's any help, on giving directions, I'll be going to the holiday rental in Guardamar from Alicante airport.
Any help appreciated.
Jane, Warminster, Wiltshire, England."

A. "Hi Jane, You don't say which part of the Avenida Cervantes, that the holiday apartment in Guardamar is in, but if you're coming from Alicante airport to Guardamar del Segura, just keep going along the N332 from the airport, turning off for Guardamar, just after seeing the petrol stations that are opposite each other, keep following the signs for Guardamar, then you'll be on the main road through Guardamar called Calle Mayor, then when you get to the main square, (church on your right, town hall (ayuntamiento) on your left), then turn left down the side of the square, down the road called Ingeniero Miro, towards the beach, then after seeing the Reina Sofia park on your right, turn right down Avenida Cervantes, you'll soon see if you're on the right road, it has palm trees going down the middle of the road, separating the 2 lanes.
Hope this helps.
Gill, Consett, Durham, England."

Xmas in Guardamar ?
Q. "Hi, could anyone give me any information on what to do around Guardamar. My wife and I are spending xmas in Guardamar and were wondering what the bars and restaurants were like and if many of them would be open or not.
Many thanks.
Des, Wallasey, Merseyside, England."

A. "The British and Irish bars and restaurants are usually open normal hours and the restaurants often have a Christmas dinner menu for Christmas Day. The atmosphere is 'party like' and most bars and restaurants have organized entertainment (singers etc.). My advice would be to take a look at the info on fiestas in guradamar, which is on the following link:
Fiestas in Guardamar so that you don't miss anything.
Keith, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England."

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