Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca in sunny Spain Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca in sunny Spain

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Guardamar, on the sunny Costa Blanca, in Spain

Guardamar (full name Guardamar del Segura) offers everything you need for a holiday in Spain. As you go through this website you'll get a flavour of what's on offer.Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spain

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spain, is surrounded by two large and beautiful natural salt water lakes which form the "Salinas de Guardamar" and are an official Spanish Nature Reserve. These lakes attract a wide variety of bird life.

Guardamar has learned a few lessons from places like Benidorm, because you'll find no high-rise skyscrapers or package holiday hotels in Guardamar and because Guardamar is orientated towards families and couples, you'll find no night-time trouble with lager louts etc.

Guardamar, also known as Guardamar del Segura and very often mis-spelt as Gaurdamar, Guadamar, Guadarmar, Guadarmer, Guardamer and Guardarmar, is a developing tourist centre and one of the most important on the Mediterranean coast. However, you'll find it is not nearly as commercialised as the Costa Blanca resorts to the north of Alicante. It still retains that special "Spanish" feel and is in a relaxed environment. 

The concentration of salt and warm temperatures, combine to endow Guardamar and nearby areas with a particularly healthy micro-climate, recommended by doctors for its beneficial properties. Bathing in the salt lagoons is also becoming popular for many medicinal reasons. The climate in Guardamar makes it an ideal location for year round holiday activities, especially if you want to fulfil that yearning for some sunshine during those dreary winter months in the UK.

On average, Guardamar enjoys 320 days of sunshine per year and an average daily temperature of 17°C. Temperatures in July and August are typically 30°C. Many people prefer the months when the weather can be near perfect in April, May, June, September, October and November.

Marina Las Dunes, known officially as Marina de Las Dunas 
Text and photo below, for the marina in Guardamar supplied by regular visitors to Guardamar, Alan and Jean from Bridgnorth, Shropshire in England.

"At the end of February 2007, we were enjoying a very pleasant walk around the marina and along the outer sea wall.  As well as admiring the boats in the marina, we were able to watch the local fishermen unloading their catch alongside the fish market all within 15 minutes. No crowds, no noise, just perfect peace and quiet, it was great."

Please find a photo of the marina in Guardamar below :

The marina in Guardamar del Segura - Marina Las Dunes  

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All of the banks in Guardamar have English speaking staff, and will usually cash travellers cheques, change currency and have cash dispensers that accept all the popular cards including Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Cirrus and Link.

The Halifax bank in Guardamar, known as the Banco Halifax Hispania was opened in 2006 and obviously attracts huge numbers of English-speaking people.

If you lose any Barclays debit cards or Barclaycards, just call from the UK to 01604 230 230, or from Spain to (0044) 1604 230 230

Located next to the mouth of the River Segura, Guardamar overlooks a long beach bordered by a large expanse of Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spain sand dunes covered with pines and eucalyptus. The setting is one of the most unique scenes in the Land of Valencia, with an original combination of extensive coastal dunes protected by a verdant forest, fertile fields and orchards and the omnipresent beach and the Mediterranean sea. The forest parkland of the Dunas de Guardamar, with over 800 hectares running parallel to the coast, is a wonder in a class of its own.

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spainiestas

Festivities are an important part of life in Guardamar - the enthusiasm of the locals will make you want to participate and be more than a mere spectator. There's a carnival in Guardamar in February, with costumes and outdoor parties.

Holy Week (March/April), with processions and scenes from the Passion. First and second Monday of Easter (March/April). Moors and Christians (2nd fortnight of July), in honour of Saint James, with parades of comparsas (mock warrior companies), sieges of the castle, fireworks and the re-enactment of the legend of 'Encantà. There's also the feast in honour of the Virgin of the Rosary.

Some of the dates for the fiestas in Guardamar change every year, for more details on the Guardamar fiestas, just click once on the following link, fiestas in Guardamar

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spainultural life

Due to its ideal geographical situation on the Costa Blanca, Guardamar has been the chosen location for many different cultures, from Iberians to Romans, Arabs and Christians. Historical remains of these civilisations can still be found. Of note is the Iberian settlement of Cabezo Lucero, where an example of Iberian art, La Dama de Guardamar (The Lady of Guardamar) was found dating from the 4th century BC. Dating from the Arab domination, the archaeological site of Rábita Califal, a group of mosques.

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spain ports

In Guardamar you can enjoy water sports at their best:Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spain windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, water skiing, and more. But the options certainly don't end here. At the local municipal sports complex, you'll find an indoor football field, frontón tennis, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball and handball.

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spainhat to do

Get a good tan on any of the area's broad, golden beaches: Moncayo, La Roqueta, Centro or the nudist beach of los Tuseles.

Practise your favourite water sport: windsurfing, water skiing, fishing, scuba diving, swimming. The choice is yours.

Spend a Wednesday morning at the typical village market, where you'll find handicrafts, leather goods and a wide selection of fruits and vegetables.

In July, take part in the Fiesta of Moros y Cristianos, with parades, processions of mock warriors, outdoor parties, fireworks and musket explosions.

Guardamar, on the Costa Blanca, in Spainhere to go

Go down to the beach at Guardamar and walk along the front, at lunch times and in the evenings this area and the surrounding streets are a hive of activity, with many busy cafes, restaurants and bars. The activity continues into the early hours. You will find a very large street market every Wednesday morning, just behind the main Church.

Guardamar is famous in Spain for it's fiestas. For more details on the fiestas in Guardamar, click here fiestas in Guardamar.

Distances from Guardamar:
Alicante 47 km
Alicante airport 36 km
Barcelona 570 km
Benidorm 77 km
Cartagena 55 km
Elche 21 km
La Marina 8 km
La Mata 5 km
Madrid 445 km
Murcia 46 km
Murcia airport 28 km
Orihuela 31 km
Santa Pola 33 km
Torrevieja 12 km
Valencia 217 km

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