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Restaurant name - Akropolis, (Greek restaurant)

Restaurant address - Plaza Porticada

Telephone number - 965 727 624

Comments - "One of the best restaurants in Guardamar, good quality food, friendly efficient service. We'll be going back there again when we're back in Guardamar on holiday, (which we do at least twice a year).
Paul, Sue and kids, Ashtead, Surrey, England."Restaurants in Guardamar

Comments - "An excellent place for a good meal, not bad prices either. I love Greek food, so this is a place I always visit when going on our holidays to Guardamar. So, for a good restaurant in Guardamar, the Akropolis is the place to go to.
Martin and Jane, Basingstoke, Hants, England."

Comments - "Always a friendly welcome and good service from Jose, Ilianna and staff.
Good quality meals, with reasonable prices.Restaurants in Guardamar - Akropolis
We can thoroughly recommend this restaurant in Guardamar.
Steve and Lauren, Almondbury, Huddersfield, England."

Comments - "Over many years, we've have tried quite a few good restaurants in Guardamar, but would have to say, that the Akropolis restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Guardamar.
We would highly recommend the Akropolis to anyone.
Kim and Tony, Wirral, Cheshire, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - Casa Blanca

Restaurant address - Avda. del Perú, 2

Telephone number - 966 725 822

Comments - "This restaurant is one of the best in Guardamar, it was recommended to us by friends who go on holiday to Guardamar every year, so we guessed that they would know what they were talking about!  We wasn't disappointed, the service was good and the food was excellent.
They do really good meat dishes, plus brilliant seafood and fish dishes.
For anyone looking for a really good restaurant in Guardamar, just try the CasaBlanca restaurant.
We will definitely be going back to this restaurant again when we're next in Guardamar on holiday.
Lucy and Paul, Bracknell, Berks, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - China Town

Restaurant address - Avenida Cervantes 92

Telephone number - 965 727 396

Comments - "There's a few good restaurants in Guardamar, but this is one of the really good ones!! The service from the staff is always good and the quality of food excellent.
Thoroughly recommended.
Paul and Tina, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England."

Comments - "Always a good meal at the China Town in Guardamar. Good quality food, reasonable prices, plus quick, friendly service from the staff.
We always spend our holidays in Guardamar, and when we do, we always visit the China Town.
There's some other good Chinese restaurants in Guardamar as well, which we go to as well, but this one is one of the better ones.
For anyone trying to find it, coming from the main road (Calle Mayor), going down the road that the Mercadona supermarket is in, you go down that road, towards the beach, passing the Mercadona on your right, then when you get to the roundabout at the bottom, you turn right and keep going until you see the China Town restaurant on your right, after one of the next roundabouts.
Janet and Keith, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - Day and Night  -  Dia y Noche

Restaurant address - Calle Inginiero Mira 17

Telephone number - Not known

Comments - "The day and night restaurant in Guardamar is one of the newer restaurants (used to be called Ollis Tref) and is a great place to have a meal, a little more expensive than most other restaurants in Guardamar, but well worth it.
Keith and Sue, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - El Siglo

Restaurant address - 10, Calle Cartagena, Guardamar

Telephone number - 965 729 994

Comments - "The El Siglo restaurant is now under the excellent management of Colin and Keith and they're doing an excellent job of it. Friendly welcome, good service and good quality food. For anyone looking for a good restaurant in Guardamar, this would be on the list!!!
Tony and Kath, Aylesford, Kent England."

Comments - "This British bar in Guardamar has now been totally refurbished under new management and has been transformed into a top quality restaurant/bar. The professionalism of the staff in the way that they greet you, serve you and the stunning quality of the food ensures that you'll always want to go back again. Having been to the premises before the new management took over, we really couldn't believe what a difference there now is. We would say that it is upmarket from normal pub grub but certainly worth a visit if you want something a little bit better than normal. Highly recommended.
Jon and Sam, Upminster, Essex, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - Internacional Chinese RestauranteRestaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant address - Avda. Los Pinos, 62

Telephone number - 966 726 051

Comments - "This is an excellent restaurant, which has a brilliant, quick and friendly service, plus good quality food.
There's a map here, but if anyone isn't clear, the restaurant is on the other side of the big park in Guardamar (Reina Sofia park), the opposite side to the beach.
In English, you would call it International Chinese Restaurant.
The prices are very reasonable as well.
Julie, Sandown, Isle of Wight, England."Restaurants in Guardamar

Comments - "Just to say we totally endorse the comments in this article on the Chino International restaurante in Guardamar.
We attach 2 photos which may be of interest - one is the exterior of the restaurant and the other is of Susanna and her husband who run it.
Alan and Jean, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England."Restaurants in Guardamar

Comments - "One of the best restaurants in Guardamar, the Chino restaurante is excellent, really friendly professional and quick service, good value and the food is brilliant.
Keith and Sue, Almondbury, Huddersfield, England."

Comments - "Suzy, Tony and their team always give an excellent service, the prices for the food is very good as well and a good choice of menus.Restaurants in Guardamar
We would thoroughly recommend this Chinese restaurant in Guardamar to anyone.
When anyone goes into the restaurant, please mention to Suzy, that Steve and Lyn from Rumney in Cardiff said 'hello'. We go there every year, when we go back to Guardamar on holiday.
Steve and Lyn, Rumney, Cardiff, Wales."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - La Bocaita

Restaurant address - Not known

Telephone number - Not known

Comments - "A good restaurant in Guardamar for tapas, is the La Bocaita restaurant - if you walk past the Queen Sofia park, away from the evening market, with the park on your left hand side, you'll find the restaurant at the end of the road on the left hand side.
Linda, Chelmsford, Essex, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - La Caballeria

Restaurant address - Avda. de la Llibertat, 68, esq. Filipinas

Telephone number - 966 726 443

Comments - "Been spending our holidays in Guardamar every year for 8 years, (by the way, if you haven't been to Guardamar on holiday, you must try it - it's great!), and didn't find this restaurant until our 3rd holiday in Guardamar, and wish we had found it sooner - the service is good, but hey, the steaks are just out of this world.
They will do your steak exactly as you want it, in any way, shape or form and the sauces are delicious, the prices are about average.
The garlic sausages were very tasty as well.
The La Caballeria restaurante in Guardamar definitely has my vote and we'll be going back to it on our next holiday to Guardamar.
Hope this helps someone looking for good restaurants in Guardamar.
Wayne and Trish, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - La Proa

Restaurant address - Calle General Prim 18

Telephone number - Not known

Comments - "If you like seafood restaurants, then try the best seafood restaurants in Guardamar, then try La Proa and you'll never go back to any other ones!
We had an excellent meal called Mariscos fritos which we would recommend to anyone.
Excellent and friendly service, plus fresh seafood, there's also a nice outside area part of the restaurant.
Joanne, Southampton, Hampshire, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - La Vuelta

Restaurant address - Calle Vincente Blasco Ibanez 68

Telephone number - 966 527 559

Comments - "A really fabulous restaurant. A great place to eat whether it's a special occasion or not. The food is fantastic, the atmosphere is always very pleasant and the service is first class. Samantha always greets you with a smile. The music by "Infinity" adds to the essence of this fab restaurant. A definite must if you are in Guardamar, but it is advisable to book for a Friday, especially in peak season as it is very popular. Good value for money.
Lesley, Ipswich, Suffolk, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - Larkman 2

Restaurant address - Calle Baleares 3, Edificio Ibiza

Telephone number - 966 727 369

Comments - "I often travel to the Alicante region of Spain, although I like Spanish food, it's always nice to have traditional English grub every now and again. This is good English cooking at its best, great fish and chips and Sunday lunch. You must give it a try.
Louise, Arnold, Nottingham, England."

Restaurants in Guardamar

Restaurant name - Mother India

Restaurant address - Via Park 4 complex

Telephone number - Not known

Comments - "The new Indian restaurant in Guardamar, in the Via Park 4 complex just off the roundabout is brilliant.  It's called Mother India and they do an all you can eat buffet for a very low price. Drinks are extra.  It was excellent, and I highly recommend it.
Steve, Worsley, Manchester, England."

Guardamar restaurants

Restaurant name - Nankin Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant address - Calle Pablo Neruda, 7 Bajo

Telephone number - 966 725 651

Comments: "We had the most wonderful meal in this restaurant. The service was excellent and very friendly. It was spotless. This is definitely one restaurant to be recommended.
Julia, Baglan, South Wales, UK."Restaurants in Guardamar

Comments: "The Nan Kin restaurant was recommended to us by friends who were there on holiday, so when we went there, we tried and they were right, the service was great, only a few minutes wait for any meal, quality of food was brilliant, plus the prices were good as well.
For anyone looking for good restaurants in Guardamar, they should try the Nan Kin.
Gordon and Lucy, Hailstead, Kent, England."

Comments: "Very friendly staff, good value meals and good choice of food. We stayed in one of the holiday apartments in Guardamar, just by the Mercadona supermarket and so it was only a short walk away to this restaurant, the Restaurante Chino Nankin. We went there 4 times on our two week holiday in Guardamar, and it was a great meal every time.
Steve and Julie, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England."

Comments: "I come to the nankin restaurant in Guardamar every year for my birthday and May the manager is fantastic. The food is great and we always get extra prawn crackers as they are my favourite. We cant wait to come again this year.
Jasmine, Stourbridge, West Midlands. England."

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The restaurants in Guardamar are generally good value for money, varied and cosmopolitan, plus, there's always a good selection of restaurants around that offer excellent local cooking.Restaurants in Guardamar The typical dish of Guardamar is the caldero, in which the ingredients are basically fish, in its different variations, and rice with the consommé from the fish. Other typical seafood dishes are: cod stew, sea bream, mackerel, ray, mojama, roe, tunny and shark.

The food in Spain is extremely healthy, with plenty of fresh fish and seafood, combined with fresh produce from local markets, but all tastes are catered for.

In Guardamar and nearby areas, you'll find every kind of restaurant you could wish for, ranging from a mouth watering variety of restaurants of all kinds. Along with the local fresh fish and seafood restaurants and typical Spanish cuisine of the region you'll also find a wealth of international restaurants - Italian, French, Mexican, English, Thai, German, Chinese, Indian, . . . . . to name but a few !

When contacting anyone that you see on this website, please mention that you saw them on

Lunch time in Spain is not before 2pm and dinner is usually at about 10pm but restaurants in tourist resorts have adjusted their timetable to people wishing to eat earlier.

Grading - restaurants are graded into four classes but this is often done according to the décor and the number of dishes and prices of the tourist menu available rather than the quality of the food and service.

Snacks - for light meals, many restaurants and cervecerias in  Guardamar serve a selection of tapas which are small dishes of tasty snacks eaten with a drink. They can be served in three sizes: pinchos, tapas and raciones, the largest.

Vegetarian - most Spanish restaurants in Guardamar and nearby areas normally cater for vegetarians, you'll usually find a tortilla, salad or vegetable tapas.

Payment/tips - prices may not always include tax and it's usual to pay loose change, (maximum 5%) in tips if the service and food has been good enough - never leave any tips if the service and foodRestaurants in Guardamar has not been good enough.

The wines of the region - the wines from the east coast of Spain have the following labels of quality: Alicante, Valencia, Jumilla, Utiel-Requena and Yecla, which cover quite different wines. Those from Alicante are reds and rosés with a high alcohol content of between 12 and 16%. Those from Valencia are usually white, dry and very fresh. The Jumilla wines (Murcia area) are easy to distinguish because they are aged in oak restaurantrels. In both cases the alcohol content is very high, and they are dark red and thick. Yacla has reds and rosés with between 13 and 15% alcohol and a very pleasant mild taste.  Try a very nice summer wine called Vino Verano.

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